Breaking News: Nysc Corpers Serving at Tudun Wada in Kano State Bravely Caught Two Notorious Criminals (Photos and Video)

Nysc corpers residing at the NACC Family House (Makarta Fatima) in TUDUN WADA, Nassarawa L.G.A,  Kano State courageously caught two notorious robbers today being 25th April, 2017.
The source who spoke to Mimi's Blog said that the robbers have been terrorizing them in that neighborhood for a very long time​, continuously robbing them off of their possessions​ but they met their Waterloo this morning when they were about robbing the NACC (National Association of Catholic Corpers) family house again.

The source gave a detailed narration of what happened, she said:

"An armed robber and his accomplice were caught this morning in the Nacc family house where I live. They have been terrorizing the family house, stealing phones, NACC bus battery on different occasions.We the Corpers staying in the family house always pray about the situation during our daily morning devotion. On this fateful day being 25th April, 2017 in the NACC family house, one of us was praying at midnight with the light off, he heard a noise from the ladies wing (room) and became alert. The thief didn't succeed entering because the doors were locked so he entered the sitting room but due to the fact that the lights were off, he didn't notice the Corper praying and as soon as the Corper shouted thief!, he ran away but due to the hot weather here in Kano, most Corpers were sleeping outside, therefore it was easy to catch the fleeing thief as soon as they heard the shout. After much interrogation, the thief kept on denying the fact that his intentions were to rob us. He confessed that he jumped the fence and entered the building just to steal some gallons of oil from were the transformer was situated. Whether it was the oil that was his target or the Corpers, the bottom line is that he accepted he was a thief. All this was happening at about 3:50 am. At about 5:00 am, we went for our compulsory morning devotion and asked a fellow Corper, an Hausa, to watch him. Meanwhile, the criminal was surrounded by neighbors. About 10 minutes later after the prayer, 2 Hausa guys barged in on us, one holding a cutlass, the other holding a dagger. The Corper that was told to watch over the thief told us while we were praying, the thief instructed a small boy to alert his friends that he was being held there. One of the men that barged in brought out a razor blade while communicating with the criminal in Hausa language and started cutting the rope to free d guy.We all stood there watching thinking that they were vigilantes because we could not understand their language. We all thought that it was big Aunty (The woman that owns the place which we actually stay for free) that called the supposed vigilantes. The Hausa Corper member that watched over the criminal while we were away heard what they were saying and started interrogating them trying to know the reason they were freeing the criminal. At that moment big aunty came and saw what was happening, she slapped the Hausa guy trying to free the criminal and he pushed her back with full force. The Hausa Corper realizing they were actually accomplices rushed the guy with the cutlass and other Corpers joined. Seeing the situation of things, the criminal with the razor blade ran away but the cutlass guy was held down and by the Corpers. It was difficult holding him down, he was so strong. It was really hard removing the cutlass from his hand but we succeeded. Had it been we didn't succeed, God forbid, there might have been blood shed, that is one of d things that causes chaos & riot in d northern part of Nigeria. It was later learnt that they all took a substance that strengthens them whenever they want to rob.After everything, we called the police & they were arrested. The police officers assured us our safety but God is the protector".

Watch video below:

See more pictures below:

May God protect all Nysc Corpers serving in different states, Amen!
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