Four (4) Proven Ways To Please Your Woman Without P3n3tration!

Some Men out there think that the best way to please a woman is by making her cum, therefore they go about learning various s3x styles. But they are missing the most important thing.

Pleasing a woman is not just to make her orgasm by p3netration, but what happens in-between, that is, before the p3netration. You have to really understand what turns your woman on and when I say understand, I mean a deep understanding.

Four proven ways to actually please a woman without necessarily having s3x with her are:


Like I said above, it is not just about discovering various s3x techniques you feel will wow her, understanding your woman is about knowing what turns her on, get her to open up to you. Some ladies get turned on when you unconsciously pull her over to your side of the bed in the morning, trust me, the ladies see it as a s3xy reflex.

Some get turned on when Men cook for them and feed them, so hot!.

Some get turned on when you kiss her all over her body playfully, making her giggle. It never gets boring.

while some get turned on when you come up behind her when she is either cooking, or washing, or doing anything and you put your arms around her waist and kisses her neck, trust me, this trick works always and she will end up leaning over for a hard kiss and at times you know what happens next after the hard kiss.
So it is your duty to discover her deepest fantasies and go right on to make those happen.


Most women love hearing their men say raw things to them, it causes a spark within them and it is sometimes capable of making them wet.
It makes them excited about getting down with you.
This works every time, just know the right dirty things to say to her, for example: “Baby your ass is perfect” (whilst slapping a cheek) or “Wow, your breasts are absolutely gorgeous” (whilst softly biting a nipple).

It retains the spark in your relationship.


This is capable of making a woman get so attached to you. Her nippl3s, ears and the neck regions beneath them can be super sensitive, so if you know how to nibble on these parts and softly bite them till she moans out in pleasure, then I bet you won't have to worry about being replaced. She will continuously derive pleasure in being with you and you alone.


Whatever you do, ensure you do not deprive your woman of oral s3x no matter how rigid you are. Women love it.
Men should master the act of giving their women a proper good sexual feeling by giving ‘the head’. Know how to really get down and do magic with your tongue and mouth. Bite gently, lick softly, blow a cool breeze lightly and penetrate the honey pot with the tongue if you desire to get the bell in her head ringing.

Note: Ensure your partner is neat before indulging in it. You don't have to tell her directly to wash up, a romantic bath can do the trick. #wink

Now go have yourselves a more romantic relationship. Feel free to suggest other ways in the comment box below. Enjoy!

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