"Please Stop Leadership Selection Abuse" A UK Based Nigerian, Ekish Speaks Out In An Open Letter To Nigerians​

A UK based Nigerian simply identified as Ekish speaks out in an open letter to Nigerians regarding the way Leaders are being chosen. He feels leaders are meant to be selected based on their antecedents, transparency, and what their agenda is to help the nation and not just based on connections and how well they play their games prior to election. Read below:


Dear Nigerians,
I have always wondered how we select our representatives, what we really consider before selection.

It is not new that when it comes to selection of leaders in Nigeria it is often done through the most barbaric criteria.

I have been fortunate to travel and live abroad and I have seen how things are done which many Nigerians living abroad can attest to.

Leaders are meant to be selected through their past records, transparency, and what their agenda to help the nation is, but it is unfortunate that many Nigerian leaders are not close to transparency, they indulge in many dirty tricks.

Quick example , majority went against Donald trump as the president of America because of his beliefs not because he is not a qualified candidate, he is a proven successful business man With many awards bagged. 

All I am saying is, before we select our leaders, let us see some past achievements, how he or she was able to build a company from nothing to a multi million company, how he or she was able to manage the needs and satisfy their employees.

Many African leaders have never truly achieved anything on their own they are just an opportunist, their Parents just pass on huge amount of money and support to them.

Before we can call our nation great, we need to start selecting our leaders through feasibility and accountability and not because he gives out money and distributes​ food on the street.

Just a while ago, a news was trending on social media about a senator in Nigeria accused of faking his certificate and I must say it was a big shameful drama. 

A nation as big as Nigeria should by now have facts and evidence to back up points​, not just calling some vice chancellor that probably wasn't there when the so-called senator attended the institution. 

I can't tell you there is no smoke without fire, if anybody attended the appropriate institution there should be no cause for alarm when check and balance takes place. I don't expect a senator to jubilate because some vice-chancellor proved he attended a certain institution. As far as am concerned it is not based on fact, who knows what went down behind closed doors.

If u truly have a certificate you should not be rejoicing and making a big deal out of nothing, after all no body is above checks​ and balances​ when doubt is perceived and it is only a journalist that can help dig into the matter for the general public awareness.

That famous jubilation has left me thinking as a person and it should make us as Nigerians have a rethink as well.

My question is , Why such dramatic jubilation if you truly attended the institution? After all the same senator said he graduated from Harvard university and it was an absolute lie.

I will like to urge all Nigerians to be wary of the types of leader they select, every wrong leader is a 10 steps backward.

Yours sincerely,
Holar Ekish

As far as am concerned, he made a very strong point and we should really work towards it.
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