10 Mistakes Most Women Make Knowingly And Unknowingly That Lead To Unsuccessful Relationships

Unsuccessful Relationship

According to the writer, most women unknowingly push the man away due to their inability to understand the right way to go about treating their man right in a relationship. As a result of that, he decided to write on it, highlighting those mistakes women make.

Read below and correct yourself if you are guilty of any.

10 Mistakes Most Women Make Knowingly And Unknowingly That Lead To Unsuccessful Relationships

1. Trying to Change Him

During the dating period of a relationship many women spot flaws in their guy or things that they just dislike, but they continue to take the relationship forward thinking they'll change these
things. This is the most common mistake women make, if your man is a quiet one don't expect him to turn into a social guy after you have 'worked' on him.
You need to take that person for exactly who he is, not who you want him to be. He is who he is, take it or leave it. When it comes to minor things, like his mode of dressing, be gentle and encouraging. Don’t criticize and make him feel stupid. Say something that makes him feel good and inspires him to make that change on his own, for instance, “You look really sexy in that outfit but it would be even sexier with those instead.”

2. Getting Insanely Jealous

Jealousy, especially when it is completely unfounded, will always cause friction in a relationship. He can’t possibly go through life never talking to another girl, so give your man some credit and show him your trust. If his actions are upsetting you, then talk to him calmly about it, but don’t make random accusations, they will just drive him away.

3. Not Taking Care of Yourself

It is a common practice by women, once they are in a long term relationship and they feel secure that the man is in it for the long run especially after marriage and kids, they let themselves go and feel there's no need to shave your legs, work out, wear nice outfits or look good just for your man, like you used to do in the beginning. Women defend this point by saying he should love me at my worst, for my natural look etc but hey, nobody's asking you to look like Barbie 24/7, all that is being asked is to at least look clean, smell nice, be healthy, just be presentable. Remember, now that the relationship has been going on for quite some time it is more important to keep things feeling 'sexy' and refreshing.

4. Being Passive Aggressive

Nothing drives men crazier than a woman being passive aggressive, when you clearly look upset but say 'nothing' when he asks what's wrong. Don't just say nothing and then continue being sad and weird expecting him to force you into telling him, this will only annoy him because men are more straightforward by nature and it just pisses them off when women act all dramatic about things. If it's something he did then don't go for the silent treatment, tell him what's bothering you, have a discussion about it. 

5. Not Appreciating his efforts Always 

Stop looking at things he isn't doing and look at things he is doing for you and then acknowledge and appreciate him for it. Appreciate everything thing he is doing for you, focus on his good more than his bad. The more you appreciate every little thing he does for you the more he will be encouraged and happy to please you.

6. Involving a Third Person

Be it your best friend or your mom, keep your relationship problems as personal as possible. Even if you feel the need to vent out about something, which women often need to, don't involve that person so much in your relationship that instead of making things better, you end up messing it up more by following wrong relationship advice. If you two had a fight and your friend tells you not to accept his apology till he begs for it, and you obey it although your heart tells you otherwise, don't do it.

You know your man more than anybody else, you should know how to deal with your problems, be mature about it and don't let someone else let it ruin it. This could also cause discord between your partner and your friends/family.

7. Bed Time
Yes, I’m going to repeat the cliche.
Sleeping with him too soon is still one of the worst dating mistakes women make – of all time.

The usual outcome is never hearing from him again.
Even if it was perfect, even if you felt a connection, even if you cuddled until morning and he made you breakfast in bed.
You need your guy to be attached to you emotionally before you are intimate.
When he is head over heels for you before you have sex, it will deepen and strengthen your relationship, not tear it apart .

8. Long Distance Relationships

Having a long distance relationship is not a dating mistake.
Starting a new relationship when you live hundreds of miles away from each other is doomed to fail and break your heart.
Long Distant Relationships are hard enough for long-term married couples, but impossible for new couples, who know nothing about each other and are not even “officially” in love.
You’ll end up constantly missing him, wondering if he’s seeing other women, and spend your days counting his texts and over-analyzing every single word he says to you.
Do yourself a favor and avoid dating from afar. 

9. Going Too Fast

Just because you’re dating for a month now, doesn’t mean that you have to start talking about how your children will look like.
Hinting or directly talking about your fantasy wedding day and the fact that you want 5 children, moving in together, is not recommended.

10. Expecting expression of feelings all the time:
Men are not used to constant expression. For instance, you should expect a compliment from him once in a while but if you start expecting it every day then you are calling for trouble. You have to understand that just because men don’t express the way in which women freely do; it doesn’t mean they don’t love with passion.

Composed By Prince Charles Emeka Nworah
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