17 Mistakes Men Make That Ruin Their Relationships

Not too​ long, the writer hammered on the mistakes women make that eventually lead to an unsuccessful relationship. Now he alongside Mimi Doris has made to light mistakes men make that ruin their relationships.
So if you are a man out there, take out time to read and digest the points below. If found guilty of any, please work on it.

Some Mistakes Men Make That Ruin Their Relationships:

1. Not Letting Go of an Ex

If you still text or Call your ex or keep in touch with her on social media, your partner isn't going to like it. Show your commitment to your significant other by moving on from a past relationship.

2. Breaking Her Trust
This is among the most serious mistakes men make in relationships that often decides the making or breaking of a relationship. Few things matter more to women than trust, and considering that most women give their all when they enter a relationship, they expect the same from their partners.
Trust here doesn’t just refer to cheating, although that is an absolute deal breaker and about the worst thing you could do to your woman. It also refers to keeping her secrets safe, and fulfilling your promises to her.

3. Not Prioritizing Her

Like women, men also have other things to deal with, like work, family, friends, and hobbies, but when these take more time and space than she does, trouble starts to brew.
Doing this sends out the signal that she is less important than all these distractions and no woman likes feeling that way.

4. Not Listening to Them

Men need to understand that women by nature are verbally more expressive and they want to be heard, instead of just nodding to whatever she
says while you're spaced out. Some women are more talkative as compared to others, if you don't like talking much then don't go for a chatty woman hoping to change her eventually. Be attentive.

5. Being too Possessive

In the initial days of a relationship, a woman might find it sweet that her man wants her all to himself, but that’s about how much possessiveness she can tolerate.
Don’t forget that everyone values their freedom above everything else.
She is not your personal robot whose remote control is in your hands. You’re stifling your woman when you attempt to control what she wears, where she goes, who her friends should be, and so on.

6. Having no integrity

"Man of good character", this is what most women look for in a lifelong companion. They know that a man with integrity will, not resort to any form of dishonesty to get his way, and that he will ensure an open, honest relationship with his partner. Playing crooked games of lies can get very exhausting, and no woman wants a lifetime of that.

7. Not Respecting Her

Most men think that as long as they’re providing for their woman, their job is done. They forget that their women deserve just as much, if not more respect. Disregarding your woman’s dreams and aspirations will breed resentment, which eventually sounds the death knell for any relationship. Then there are men who think that in spite of having a stable partner, it’s okay to ‘look around’ a little and that is the height of disrespect to a woman when her man does that.

8. Not Pleasuring Her in the Bedroom

Women need to be fulfilled both emotionally and physically. It's not all about a quick release.
Ensure that she's experiencing as much pleasure as you are.

9. Not Cherishing Her

Women want to be loved and cared for, but they also want to be cherished. Your woman wants to feel like a queen, and she wants no one but you to make her feel that way. Women thrive on compliments and when you notice her new hairstyle or outfit, it shows that you’re being attentive to her and that she still has the ability to make your heart stop. And this has nothing to do with how old she is; this is something women of all ages feel.

10. Working Too Much

Women like successful men, but they also like to spend time with them. If you work long hours and are too busy to go on vacation, visit family or do other things with your significant other, she may seek companionship elsewhere.

11. Being Cheap

There's a difference between being economical and being downright cheap. Saving money is good, but it's okay to splurge now and then.
Don't always choose the cheap chain restaurant; go for fancy restaurants sometimes!

12. Spending Too Much Time With Your Friends

It's important for both men and women to have friends. But if you're with the guys hanging out at a bar several nights a week, it can be a red flag. She may wonder if you prefer their company to hers.

13. Acting Jealous

Unless there's a good reason, don't check her phone when she's not looking.
Don't be suspicious if she's home a few minutes late.Trust your partner.

14. Lacking Good Sense of Humor and Being Moody

Everyone has a bad day. But if you're emotions are constantly changing, and you're a different person emotionally on a day-to-day basis, your partner may have a difficult time dealing with it.
Figure out what's making your emotions vacillate and get a handle on them, or you could lose her.

15. Being Complacent

Women spend a lot of time thinking about the future, and they want to know that it will be a secure, happy one, especially for their offspring. And men who are complacent about their goals and dreams don’t seem likely to build such a future with them. Being stagnant is never good, whether it’s about moving ahead in your career, or improving yourself. Most women don’t care much if a man doesn’t have a lot of wealth in hand right now, but they do care if he isn’t planning on working towards a better life.

16. Being Aggressive

No woman likes an aggressive partner, someone who is always very harsh, very hard to communicate with, always angry. It tends to push them away because every woman wants a man who is easily approachable, hard but yet tender and not one who gets angry every minute or at the slightest provocation.

17. Being Abusive

This is the deal breaker. Its a NO NO, Be it physical abuse or emotional abuse, no woman wants that. Why will you tell a woman you love her and still use that same mouth to call her derogatory names.
Why will you show your woman love with your hands and still use those same hands to hit her.
Once you start hitting your woman, you kill her respect for you, you kill the love and everything is replaced with fear and no woman wants to be with a person that scares the shit out of them. They will definitely walk out on you.
Learn to walk out from situations that could lead to you being abusive, if you continuously do that, you will overcome such embarrassing character.

Prince Charles Emeka Nworah & Mimi Doris

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