The Tempest: Episode One!


We met in church.

"Hello is this chair taken?" I had asked.

She looked up and smiled. "well it's not taken until you take it".

The mass was to start 5 minutes later. I did a sharp acrobatic sign of the cross, reminding God of my presence in his house.

It didn't take long, I was drawn to this voluptuous woman.. I kept flickering my corner eyes to the beautiful lady by my side.

I couldn't concentrate during the homily. I prayed to God that this lady should still be single, because I'm soooo having her to myself. 

Her yellow flay gown, made her look like a beautiful pregnant butterfly. I breathed in her floral scent during the "sign of peace". I had hugged her instead of the normal handshake, She reluctantly hugged me back.

We introduced ourselves after the  mass. Her name, Valerie.

"Girls who bear the name, Valerie go to heaven, do you know why?"
"Why?" she asked amidst laughter...
"Because I'll take you there. Evans is my name."

We talked and talked like we knew each other from Adam. We didn't talk about our personal lives. We were just contented with talking about the NOW.

Fast forward...

 We kept coming to church, sometimes she'll come some minutes after I had come in and would smile at me, then go to look for another seat.

One particular day, my wife decided to come to church with me. There's nothing I didn't say to dissuade her since she didn't like our way of worship... She worships at the Redeemed

"which kain bad belle be this one???"

I cursed under my breath. That day, Valeria came late, so we didn't sit together... After mass, I told my wife to go home and that I wanted to visit the chapel, but she insisted on following me to the chapel!
 "Hay God!".
I avoided Valarie that Sunday, later called to apologize for my absence...

Two months later, we kept seeing ourselves, basically in the evenings.. Hang out, gist and eventually we had sex... I didn't even allow her to finish the, "Evans, I am horny..." sentence when I immediately seized her lips in mine and we worked extensively at the lips chore. The beginning of the end took us to my house and we dealt mercilessly with the red-hot chemistry that's been threatening to break our emotional resolve for sometime..

We continued our tempest for some months... It was flowing peacefully, swimming strongly and effortless against the tides, until...

Stay tuned for the final episode coming up on Saturday #wink.

About Author:
Vincent Ehidiamen Snr. is a graduate of English and literary studies, from Edo state, Nigeria.
A script writer, A poet and a motivational speaker.

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