The Tempest: Final Episode!

The Tempest: Final Episode

My friend Samson decided to visit me. He had lost his wife in a fatal motor accident shortly after paying her dowry. Although he was my friend, I never knew his wife. He was going to show me his wife after coming back from the village, but oh well, the accident happened and Ngozi didn't survive it. 
It's been 7 months now. He told me he was coming with his friend Bolaji.

It was valentine's day,I left my pregnant wife at home and decided to hang out with my Valerie... 
During the course of waiting for Samson to join us, we got emotional. I stood up, dragged her to her feet and hugged her. We hugged tightly for what seemed like eternity. I kixed her in the process...

"Good heavens, Valerie! Your soft full lips are going to be the death of me one day!"

She smiled.

Samson called me to ask where I was seated, I directed him to our table. I noticed Valerie stiffen.

"Who just called you?" she asked breathlessly.. Her eyes already bringing forth water, her skin became light and cold at once.

"It's Samson, my friend, why?" I replied dryly.

Samson came with Bolaji his friend and they soon joined our table.

" Hey buddy" I greeted Samson as I shook hands with Bolaji....
"Meet my girlfriend, Valerie" I said smiling

"Ngozi???? Jesus!!! " Samson said as he fainted.
Valeria disappeared into thin air immediately. She just melted into the ground right before my eyes!
I was nonplussed.. Bewildered.. Flabbergasted..

"Evans, you've been banging Samson's wife's ghost??"

Blood of Nebuchadnezzar couldn't save me, I just urinated on my self instantly!

The End!

About Author:
Vincent Ehidiamen Snr. is a graduate of English and literary studies, from Edo state, Nigeria.
A script writer, A poet and a motivational speaker.

I hope you all enjoyed this short fictional story, stay tuned for something intriguing coming up next week Wednesday on "Tales By Blog-light. #wink
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