See What Teenage Girl Wore To Prom! Yay or Nay?

This photo has gone viral and sparked a parley online whether her outfit to Prom was appropriate or not.

I trust my Nigerian parents, you are definitely going to get it hot from them.
A Yoruba father would exclaim " MOGBE!, Mama Shukura, come and see your useless daughter o"! which would be accompanied by slippers beating.

While an Igbo Mother would shout "CHINEKE MEH, you will not bring shame to this family!" and it would definitely be accompanied by wrapper flogging, Lolz!

What say u, Do you think this outfit is cool for a teenager to wear to prom or not?
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  1. Not cool in Nigeria. I'm sure her parents saw her before she left the house,besides who are we to judge. We've seen teenage girls wear worse outfits.