"Ibos are the most useless ethnic group in Nigeria' Nigerian Police Officer Salihu Ajanaku Cursed, Sparking Outrage From The Public

A Nigerian police officer by name Salihu Ajanaku, left a very hateful, tribalistic comment on Facebook that sparked serious outrage, reasons best known to him.

According to the Kwara state Indigene police officer, Igbos are fools, and the most useless ethnic group in Nigeria. He also went further to refer to Igbo women as prostitutes, stating that he slept with three at a go.

Read below;
"Ibo fools, Ibo idiots, Ibo mumu, Ibos are the most useless ethnic group in Nigeria, their girls are into prostitution for a living, Sincerely I slept with 3 last night. "Three sum". Now talk of their men, Ye paa! They’re robbers, kidnappers and ritualists. Awon olori buruku, konidadfun your mama and your papa"

His comment got a lot of replies, with so many of them calling him out for what he wrote but he was unrepentant and stood his ground.

See below the offensive post:

Police is your friend indeed. I hope he is aware that his hateful speech is enough to bring discord between his tribe and the Igbos.
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