"I am a murderer, tie me, tie me" A Newly Malaysian Based Nigerian Man Confesses As He Runs Mad, Stripping Himself Nak3d (Video And Photos)

The things young people get themselves involved in nowadays to get rich quick is quite baffling and more often than not, Karma ends up catching up with them.

A Nigerian man simply identified as Ikenna, ran mad in Malaysia yesterday as his juju obviously failed him.

According to his friend who shared the pictures and video of the unfortunate incident, they were all sitting at a Hotel bar in Punchong Province, Malaysia when he suddenly stood up, stripped completely Unclad and jumped into the swimming pool.

The hotel's security operatives quickly rushed out and tied him up.

In the video below, he could be seen struggling with them and saying;

“I am a murderer, tie me, tie me, i kill people, am a black man, kill me oh, kill me oh.."

He also mentioned a man named 'Jeffrey', but we don't know yet if Jeffrey is his victim or accomplice.

Online reports gathered that he has been in Malaysia for only three months before he ran mad and this was his first trip.

His friend said that Ikenna had always boasted that he will never return to Nigeria the same way he left, that he must return with money at all cost.

Obviously this is Karma catching up with him as whatever he had involved his hands in has failed him.

Watch the video below:

This should serve as a warning to youths out there thinking that the easiest way to get rich is through evil means.
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