Bobrisky Has Not Paid Me For 6 Months, Please Help Me - Bobrisky's Gate Man, Jacurb cries Out For Help!

Celebrity gateman Jacurb has finally opened up on the reason behind the fall out between him and his madam Bobrisky.

Following Bobrisky's declaration that his former loyal gate man Jacurb swindled him of 60k, KraskTV had a chat with the gate man and he cried out that he has worked for Bobrisky for good 6months, but he hasn't been paid a dime.

Jacurb also said that Bobrisky has used him to extort money from people.

In the video shared by KraskTV, Jacurb said his father is sick, and that he told Bobrisky, who promised to help him with some money, and said he will call some of his top contacts, When he did instead of giving Jacurb the money, He embezzled it.

According to Jacurb, MC Galaxy gave him 40k when he visited, but Bobrisky Collected the Money from him as his boss.

The Ex Gateman is now crying out for fellas to help him, as he has no where to go, and knows no one in Lagos state.

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