Shocking! Teacher Dies After Flogging A Student in Ogidi, Anambra State (Photo & Details)

I wonder what has taken over the humanity of so many Nigerians. 

This is Africa, we are blacks, disciplining a child to correct them is our culture, and it has been that way ever since.

Haven't you ever heard of the sentence "spare the world and spoil the child"?

We were all disciplined as kids to reset our mumu button and it can't stop now.

A teacher has lost her life in the hands of an over protective mother simply because she disciplined a rude child of her classroom. 

This unfortunate incident was shared by a Facebook user Eze Amadi, he wrote;

"It was a tearful Wednesday, yesterday 29th November, 2017 as parents of one Okafor Chinaza aged 14, a student of starlight secondary school Ogidi fight and killed their daughter's teacher for flogging her.

According to information reaching our correspondents: It was said that the student in question was flogged by her Igbo teacher and class mistress earlier in the morning for not sweeping the class according to class roster, when the teacher walked in to teach them, she found out that the class was not cleared as previous day refuse littered round the class room, she called out the girl for questioning as regards to why she didn't sweep the class room, she responded insulting to the teacher according to fellow student's present in the class room.

In response, the teacher asked her to kneel down before the class she refused as the teacher annoyingly flogged her and she fled the class from the school fence, and ran home.

As at 3:23pm same day, she came back with a lady believed to be her mother and a young man who claimed to be the uncle. According to starlight secondary school security, she refuse to introduce herself properly as she forced her way into the school and went to the classroom of the girl to find out that the said teacher had gone for private school teachers meeting same day. She was directed to the Proprietress office when they found out she had come for her daughter issue with a teacher of the school named Odilinye Rita.

According to the Proprietress, she told us that she was with one of her employee named Okamelu Tochukwu (Physics Teacher) when the woman came to her office to vent her anger.

The proprietress said:
 "I was in my office with one of my teachers when she came in, after her report and confirmation from the students that the teacher flogged the said Okafor Chinaza, I pleaded with the mother and uncle to allow the school dive into the issue with diplomacy as revenge won't yield needed result. She had accepted to forget and forgive as I promised her that we will handle the case with ease".

According to information from eye-witness, they told our correspondents that the fight between the parents  and the teacher took place in front of the school gate, as the parents came out to leave and the teacher was believed to be coming back from the private teachers meeting she went to, upon getting close to them, the student who came with her mother and other relatives, pointed at her for the mother as she rushed up to flog her with the stick she had come with, after a while the teacher collapsed and was rushed to Iyi-Enu Hospital Ogidi where the doctor confirmed her dead moments later.

Presently, the parents and the student are being detained by the police in Ogidi police station.

This should serve as warning to all teachers and parents!

- Eze Amadi reporting..."

May the soul of the teacher rest in perfect peace. Amen.
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