#BBNaija2018: Tobi Caught On Camera Begging Cee-c, Gets Disowned By Yorubas For Not Being A Well Trained Yoruba Demon (Details)

Big brother Naija housemate and Head of House, Tobi Bakre was under attack earlier today by Nigerians on social media for rejecting Anto's kix on Sunday night.

On Sunday night, housemates engaged in a truth or dare game which required Tobi to kix Anto.

He, however, rejected the offer due to his feelings for Cee-C.

This stirred up reactions online as viewers accused Cee-C of bewitching Tobi with love.

His brother, Femi Bakre reacting on his twitter page wrote “Is this jazz or what?”

Well it became worse Tobi was caught on camera begging Cee-C after she got angry over a lap dance Anto gave him during the Truth or Dare game last night.

Yorubas now have taken to the social media platform to disown Tobi for not being a well trained Yoruba Demon.

Read their tweets below...

DemoLa @PleiboiSwag tweeted:
As an Elder in the Yoruba Land, I’m here to tell you this is not our Tobi, he’s not the Yoruba demon we trained. As a matter of fact, we have decided to pass him to the East, our Ibo people can claim him #BBNaija

@ad_eyo tweeted;
Dear Tobi, I regret to inform you that when you appear on that nomination list, we will not vote for you. This is because you have shown that if you win the 45 million you will give it to CeeC. It seems she has partnered with your village people to make you foolish!

@Chen_Ahava tweeted;
If Tobi and CeeC end up together, boys night out – CeeC will be there. Bridal/baby Shower – Tobi will be there. Groomsmen meeting-CeeC will be there. Issa super glue affair.. #BBNaija

@LayeeURA tweeted;
Cee-C YOU AIN’T SHIT! YOU AIN’T SHIT!! YOU AIN’T SHIT!!! You little bitchy brat! Walking in a man’s shadows cuz your bitchy ass is insecure and jealous. What are you made of?? Diamonds?? Gold?? Giiiiirl you’re freaking disgusting. Shame on you. Tobi keep licking ass

@Hiibeekay2 tweeted;
ToBi yoRuBa Dem0N, Tobi Is A PlayBoY, Tobi wAs a PlaYer In UnILaG, yeN yEN yEn… Wetin he dey play ? Ludo or whot ? Very foolish boy.

@Royalhumble tweeted;
On behalf of the Yourba Demons we hereby disown any association with Tobi of #BBNaija we hand him to our Igbo brothers

@walkwithemem tweeted;
Cee c consulted a jazz man before going into the big brother house. Thats why Tobi is behaving like Tony Umez.

@soph_minnie tweeted;
Its because of this nonsense mumu behaviour that miyonse is now pounding yam for Samvita advert, At this rate..na waka pass tobi go dey for advert
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