OMG! See What Your Kidney Would Look like, If you Dont Drink Much Water. See Reactions From Readers. (Photos)

Alot of people out there blame growing fat on water. Really? How ignorant can one be.

Infact, as a matter of fact, you all need water more that any other thing.

You need to take at least 10 glasses of water on daily basis, else the above picture is what your kidney would look like. Godforbid, you say?

Now, take a closer lok at the above picture, the brownish thing you see inside the kidney is called Kidney stones. Scary right? They usually fill in when your body don't get enough water to sustain your heart, and it is very dangerous to have such an amount.

So drink water today, and save your life, especially those that smoke alot.. Thank me later..

See below reactions of those who also got this information;

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