BBnaija Men Of The Week: Between Miracle, Tobi, Leo & TeddyA, Who Would You Go For? (Photos and Details About Them)

These handsome former Big Brother Naija housemates are each gradually achieving their goals while making the ladies swoon over them with their extremely super-sexy looks.

They are all unique in their different ways but one man's meat is definitely another one's poison and we can't all want all at the same time, although it's tempting. Lol!

  • Miracle the young pilot is a ladies man, he is creative, calm and intelligent.

  • Tobi the entrepreneur, the playful one, yet the most brilliant of all. A loyal friend. Whenever he walks into a room, he lights it up. You will always want a man like him by your side.

Leo the business man and model, the dark beauty, the introvert and serious one. He is very calculative and very observant.

  • TeddyA the Alpha male, the talented singer, a born king, a no-nonsense handsome man and he commands respect.

After having gone through the whole evaluations, who is your favourite man of the week? 
Drop your answer in the comment section below.

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