Death Of Dbanj's Son Update: See Photos of Dbanj's swimming Pool Lil Daniel Got Drowned Inside. Fans Attack D'banj and Wife For Being Careless (Photos and Details)

Daniel Oyebanjo III, the 1year old son of D'banj and Didi died after he drowned in a swimming pool at his family residence in Ikoyi on Sunday 24th June, while his was in Los Angeles to attend the 2018 BET Awards.

We were able to dig out photos of the pool in Dbanj's house that lil Daniel got drowned in. 

The music star had taken to his Instagram page on April 1st to post  photo of himself standing beside the pool.

The customized swimming pool has D’banj’s signature DB logo engraved at the bottom.

Meanwhile some insensitive fans are throwing tantrums and blaming the couple for the death of their child.

One Sheun on Nairaland wrote; “But was no one around? Kids shouldn’t be left alone around basins of water not to talk of pools that big. This is carelessness on someone’s part. I learnt D’Banj isn’t in the country. Please we need to be careful with kids especially around bodies of water, even ordinary a bathtub filled with water can drown a kid. I hate seeing/hearing kids die cos of avoidable causes. KokoMaster sorry, may God provide a lasting child for you.”

Another by name Nassbros wrote; "Imagine the agony the little boy must have gone through with all that water rushing into his lungs and him helplessly struggling for life cry cry."

While one Kelly wrote; "Honestly, if we had any laws in Nigeria, Dbanj should be seriously questioned and punished without mercy.
A baby must be under watch 2/4/7. Some people have absolutely no idea of what fatherhood and parenthood entails. They think having a baby is like one of the many trophies and awards in their cupboards to flaunt and showcase to evryone, with no babycare and safety knowledge. SMH”

Almijud wrote; “RIP. But where was the mother when it happened? the only thing today ladies r good at is fighting for gender equality when they can not play their part as mothers properly.
Lesson: Marry responsible ladies!”

May his soul rest in peace. Amen!
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