Weird! "I'm Happy To Say That I'm Sharing A Baby-Daddy With My Best Friend, She Will Be Due December And I Will Be Due January' - Nigerian Slay Queen Announces

It seems being a Babymama is now the new trend. 

Gone are the days when having a baby for a man you aren't married to or who isn't interested in marrying you  was considered shameful. 

But nowadays, the reverse is the case. It has become something to be celebrated as far as the baby daddy is filthy rich.

It is appalling that some of these baby daddies are already married to some women out there. 

The craziest part of the whole thing is that some of these Slay queens even go as far as begging the men to have their babies.

Back to the story at hand, two Nigerian Slay Queens, identity currently unknown, have taken to their social media page to announce the coming of their babies for the same baby daddy. 

One of the slay queens gushed over the fact that she and her best friend would become babymamas for the same man and it would strengthen their bond. 

She went further to reveal that had it been the other rival wasn't her best friend, she would have fought tooth and nails. 

How weird is that?

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