#BBnaijaReunion: "My mum was battling with cancer, I had to leave school" - Kbrule Explains why he went for Big Brother, capturing everyone's heart

On today's episode of Big Brother Naija 2018 reunion show, Kbrule opened up about his situation outside the house, his mum’s health condition and why he was infuriated by Khloe’s comment. 

According to him, his mum was battling with cancer and it affected the family's finances so he had to drop out of school and coming on the show was his chance to win enough money to take care of his mum and get his career back on track. 

He went on to reveal that Khloe bringing his mum into a quarrel they had on the reality show, did hurt him bad.

He further disclosed that the show helped him calm down as he tends to be a very impulsive person but now he has realized that no matter how good your intentions are, your impulsivity could lead you into making the wrong decisions, so now he has decided to let go of things especially if it won't matter in 5 years. 

His speech got him a standing ovation and I am so certain he won the hearts of so many viewers.

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