"Why I Had To Reject The 2018 Range Rover Birthday Gift From An Admirer" - Alex Finally Opens Up

Ex Big Brother Naija contestant, Alexandra Amuche, aka Alex Unusual, whom through her stylist Swanky Jerry, we got to know that she rejected a 2018 Range Rover SUV birthday gift from an admirer, has finally opened up as to the reason why she had to.

Recall that the reality TV star recently marked her 23rd birthday in style and got many good wishes from fans as well as gifts. She also got a Toyota car from her fans as a surprise birthday gift which she accepted but turned down a 2018 Range Rover gift from an admirer 

In a recent interview, the reality TV star explained why she rejected the pricey car and decided to accept the one from her fans. 

According to her, it made her happy that her fans could come together to gift her a car and to her, their gift was a show of genuine love while the 2018 Range Rover gift from an admirer was a way of buying her love which she stated cannot be bought with material things

After confirming that she was indeed sent such gift to her she said:

"I rejected the first car I received on my birthday. For me, it was not just about the gift but where it was coming from. The second car given to me was from love. Responsible fans put their money together to get me the car, while the former was from someone who liked me. 

It is okay to like me but I didn’t feel it was right to collect a car from an admirer. He could decide to collect the car from me anytime he felt like. If I collected the car and I told him I didn’t want a relationship later, what would happen? 

"The man felt I was too proud when I rejected the car gift. But I am not a proud lady. I know many girls will take the vehicle; it was a 2018 Range Rover (for crying out loud). But I am Alex Unusual, I am not the type who can be wooed with material things.” 

“I have rejected money and material things many times. The car gift was just one of them. “This year’s birthday celebration was amazing and I am happy I am growing. All my birthdays are always filled with so much love but a night before my birthday, I cried a lot. I had a quarrel with my mother, manager, camera guy and stylist.”
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