Actress Regina Daniels Acquires Her Third Brand New Mercedes Benz In Less Than 3 Months (Video, Photos)

Nollywood young sensation, Regina Daniels, has gotten for herself a tear rubber Mercedes Brabus, making it the third brand new Benz in less than 3 months and social media is about to go crazy!!!

The 20 yr old has taken to Instagram to show off her newly acquired Mercedes Brabus, amidst unconfirmed rumors she’s engaged to 59 yr old Billionaire who is said to be behind her current affluence also.

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  1. A man who is almost old enough to be ur father is lavishing his money on you and ur proud sharing it on social media. Regina Daniel Money is not everything. There is a different btw being a 1st wife 👰 and being a 3rd or 4th wife. Small girl with big God.