#BBnaijaReunion: "I can never be friends with Alex, She stole Cee-C's Man" - Vandora Blows Hot. Fans React!

The finale and end of the Big Brother Naija Doublewahala Reloaded was tonight. 

During the show former housemate, Vandora came out blunt revealing that she can never be friends with Alex because she doesn't believe the things she say and she also stole Cee-C’s man while they were in the house.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile her outburst set the internet on fire and some of her fans have taken to Twitter to react to it, most of them supporting her for coming at Alex that way;

See some of their reactions below:

*Vandora stood her ground knowing that Aless’s fans will come for her. Even with all the following, Vandee did the Lord’s work! In this times were Ifeww has taken ass licking to a whole new level… Vandora did this for us. pic.twitter.com/p1kgb9xiKm

— A.babe (@IfyLou_) March 31, 2019

*Vandora is very correct 🙌🏾 I have said it, it doesn’t matter whether CeeC dates Tobi or not, but they had interest in each other.And Alex went in to act like she’s gonna settle dispute, but No, she wanted CeeC’s man 😂 same thing she wanted with Bam #bbnaija #doublewahalareloaded

— A D E O L A (@MzAdeola) March 31, 2019

*Vandora Tnx for telling Alex the truth to her face. It beats me how you wrong someone and form like you don’t know and act like it’s ok and cry n cry n be just plain childish. #DoubeWahalaReloaded

— kayjudez (@kayjudez) March 31, 2019

*Vandora may have used the wrong words ‘stole a man’ , but we all know what she meant and if you have a conscience, she is right ! #DoubleWahalaReloaded #bbnaija

— Rosemary’s Rose 🌹 (@Merlotalur) March 31, 2019

*Vandora you go girl, Aless is not a friendship material truth be told.

N.a. from clap e dey enter dance

When you’re dining with a snake , use a long spoon

*Enough said#DoubleWahalaReunion #DoubleWahalaReloaded

— Sweet Avril (@SweetAvril2) March 31, 2019

*“You took somebody’s man” Vandora snatching wigs and hiding the glue. #DoubleWahalaReloaded pic.twitter.com/FVsT1gfgSg

— . (@BBAFans) March 31, 2019

*Vandora break that table, Alex should stop acting like she doesnt know what she did to ceec! #DoubleWahalaReloaded

— Great (@evargrat8) March 31, 2019

*I’m super proud of vandora for taking this stand. Her voice sef is shaking, she’s pained about it. And everything she said made sense.
Alex likes to pretend she’s naive about certain things but she’s grown enough.

— a whole spice rack (@TifeBollz) March 31, 2019

#DoubleWahalaReloaded Vandora for president hahahahahaha. She said what we’ve all been saying. Quit acting like you don’t know what you’re doing, but you fucking know. You damn nasty jobless snake.

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