Regina Daniels' Mum, Rita Daniels, Accepts Her Daughter's Choice, Dances With Her And Husband, Prince Ned Nwoko (Video)

It seems Regina Daniels mum, Actress Rita Daniels is the least bothered about the negatitive comments people are throwing at her daughter for marrying 59 year old Ned Nwoko.

Infact it seems Rita is thrilled at her daugher's choice and is supportive of her daughter's relationship and wedding introduction to billionaire businessman and Politician.

In a recent video making waves online, 20 yr old Regina Daniels was spotted happily dancing with her man, Ned Nwoko and enjoying every bit of it, and afterwards, they were joined by her mother, Rita Daniels 

Click box below to watch Regina Daniels' Mother dancing with her daughter and her billionaire son-in-law;

Rita Daniels is an actress, though not popular, but through her daughter's popularity, has gained fame. She is also Regina Daniels' manager.

Accrding to Regina Daniels, her mother was the one who introduced her to acting and has been of much influence on her.
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