"Nigerians Are Afraid Of Having Proper S3x" - S3x Therapist Adunni Reports (Details)

Nigerian s3x therapist, Adunni Ore, has taken to her Instagram page to lament on Nigerian's inability to have proper S3x.

She also gave her reason as to why that seems to be the case and possible solution to it.

According to Adunni, Nigerian women think giving their husbands good s*x make them bad wives and men feel the same way hence their continous marriage to women who aren't good in bed but constant flings with younger single women who do.

Her post reads;

"Nigerians are afraid of having proper s*x, in my Scope of work as a S*x therapist, I see these things daily and I’m scared for the future… why is it hard for Nigerian men to please their women? Why can’t you eat your wife out and stuff, why do women think for them to be wife materials you shouldn’t fvck your husband real good, why would you think to give your husband a mind blowing bl0wj0b followed by a badtass d0ggie will not make u a wife material.

The men are also guilty of this hence they wife the lady who isn’t s*xually satisfying and keep numerous girl friends then the moment you both are Comfortably married, the man moves on to start having numerous girls friends then years down the line the woman realizes how s3xually frustrated she is and might start having flings too.

In this case i gotta agree with marrying your friend though because if you guys can be plain with one another and honest about s3xual wants and needs then your relationship will blossom".

See post;

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