BBNaija 2019: Tacha And Frodd Fight Dirty Over Bathroom Usage, Calls Him 'Incompetent Idiot' As He Threatens To Go Violent (Photo, Video)

- The Big Brother Naija 2o19 house was on fire this this morning, figuratively speaking.

There was a mild drama at the Big Brother house after Tacha got into a fight with Frodd.

It all started this morning after the workout session, the 'Pepper Dem' housemates all went back into the room preparing for the day’s Tasks and some of them had to use the bathroom. 

Frodd and the other guys tried to get into the bathroom to shower but realized that Tacha was already in there and Tacha didn't want to share the bathroom with anyone.

As Frodd made to go in, Tacha sent him back with peppery words. She wouldn’t allow any of the guys have their bath because she Tacha was bathing. 

This didn't go down well with the guys as they all called out Tacha for being selfish. 

Frodd and Ike called her out for her persistence.

Tacha, on the other hand, wasn't having any of this as she took it upon herself to face them both.

Frodd slammed back her and they both spent few minutes exchanging words.

While some of the guys in the dressing room kept their cool about Tacha’s missile words, Ike was angry asking Tacha to at least show some respect.

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At some point Tacha who wouldn't stop talking heard Frodd threatening to use violence on her, she got more upset. 

After a few minutes, Sir Dee was able to calm Frodd down while Tacha returned to the bathroom and continued her insults. But this time around Frodd didn't respond and this got her more enraged.

As she came out of the bathroom, she continued to hurle verbal missiles at him, She called him all sorts of names like “stupid”, “incompetent idiot” “multi-coloured human being”.

However peppery these words were, Frodd kept his cool.

As she peppered the mute Frodd with very powerful abusive words, to the extent of insulting his family, Frodd came out of the bathroom not saying a single word.

This seemed to surprise other Housemates who were probably expecting him to come out in full force charging at Tacha. A few minutes later, all went silent.

Then suddenly Tacha started again, this time, more harsh words than the former, she said that Frodd should feel lucky to be in the same place with her, as on a normal day she was too big a person to have anything to do with her. 

While this verbal exchange went on unstopped, the other housemates were there looking on, there was not even a single utterance by anyone of them. 

Could they be afraid of Tacha? Or were they just minding their business?

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