Incase You Missed It! BBnaija 2019 Day 2 Recap (Videos /Photos )

The Big Brother naija season 4 is finally becoming more entertaining as earlier predicted.

We've compiled a list of the series of events that went down for some of y'all who missed it due to one reason or the other. 

Here we go! 

Say Hello to Instructor Mike

The Housemates woke up to an early morning intense workout session with Mike. From the push-ups to the punching and the aerobics, Mike did not fail to show the men the importance of keeping fit. The Pepper Dem ladies were not left out too. Thanks Mike!

While the Housemates were taking workout notes from Mike, Tacha was seen having a lazy morning and sitting pretty in the garden. Well, let’s just say the Housemates served us fitness goals, while Tacha dished out lounging goals.

Busy Hands

Ike could not seem to get his hands off KimOprah as they got busy with making breakfast for their fellow Housemates this morning. While he went on and on about how she was serving wife material goals, he put his hands around her waist. To show approval, perhaps? KimOprah responded to this by giving a subtle comment – “get your hands off me, they’re oily”, she said. Not sure what’s going on with these two but let’s stay glued to our screens to find out. They might just be the pair to give us our first Pepper Dem romance in the House.

The Relationship Counsellor

As other Housemates got busy getting to know each other, Seyi was also busy giving his two cents on how he has been able to keep his long-term relationship with his girlfriend. Interestingly, he made mention of the fact that he was a known playboy before meeting his longtime girlfriend. This left amused Tacha with nods and smiles as she listened with interest. Was she impressed? Does Seyi seem like the perfect boyfriend? From their conversation, Seyi could just be serving relationship goals to the other Housemates in the House.

Balls Up High

Balls up high challenge - Mimi's Blog 

Today’s Task had the Housemates lifting balls up high while fending off the distraction.

Nelson and Ella were the last two standing in today’s in the first Task of a two-part Task. The first Task called the Endurance Challenge was for each Housemate to hold a ball above his/her head with both arms stretched out as possible without bringing their arms down or resting it in any manner.

The Task which was divided into two groups, had the Gentlemen going up first as the heroes while the Ladies played the part of the distractors. Going on for over 40 minutes, the Task had all the male Housemates each holding a ball up high while battling the antics put up by the female Housemates to distract them.

It wasn’t easy as the ladies did a good job of distracting the guys by breaking into songs, chants and utilising the subtle art of seduction to get them to drop the ball. Omashola and Ike were the first to be disqualified from the Competition because their hands came down too low. In the end, it was a keen contest between Frodd and Nelson for the position of the last man standing. Nelson eventually stood tall with his ball held up high winning the Endurance Challenge.

BBnaija Nelson Wins - Mimi's Blog 

On completion of the first Task, the gentlemen were asked to move to the Dining Area where they were asked to select a cup of their choice on the table and later reveal the content. Frodd, Seyi, Omashola, Jeff and Tuoyo were among the lucky few with Bet9ja Coins in their cups.

Okay Ladies, Get Into Formation.

Shortly after, it was time for the ladies to undertake their Task. Roles were reversed and this time, the ladies were the one holding balls up high while the gentlemen distracted them.

Kimoprah was the first to tap out, followed shortly by Thelma and eventually leaving Isolomo and Ella as the last two women standing. Ella outlasted Isilomo winning the challenge. An interesting part of the Task was that the ladies broke the record set by the gentlemen by exceeding the one-hour mark.

BBnaija Ella Wins - Mimi's Blog 

Just like the Gentlemen, the Ladies filed into the Dining Area to select cups and reveal its content. Ella, Tacha, Diane and Avalla were among the lucky few who found a Bet9ja coin underneath their selected cup.

With today’s Task, the Pepper Dem gang are beginning to feel the heat. Do the Housemates have the strength to persevere?

Victory, Conflict and Tears

From the wins to fights and tears, it’s been quite a day.

A Win in Hand

It was all smiles for Housemates as a couple of them won Bet9ja Coins after the day’s task. After an intensive Endurance Challenge, ending the day with Bet9ja Coins in their hand made it all better.

Fish Fiasco

Food caused a mild Drama in the House for the second time running as Tacha and Thelma got into an altercation over fish today. Turns out Thelma dished out food to Thelma without adding fish. This resulted in Thelma getting confronting Tacha and accusing her of serving her beggarly meals.

BBnaija Thelma and Tacha fighting over fish - Mimi's Blog 

Just recently Esther threw a fit and launched into a tirade about not having anything to eat after working effortlessly to make it because someone else ate it. Unlike that incidence where Mike apologized and tried to make it all better, this episode of food fight didn’t go that way. Tacha and Thelma kept going at each other with Tacha dishing out a slur of expletives

Click box below to watch the fight;


Frodd couldn’t help but let the tears flow as he reminisced about what he went through during the audition and having to leave his recuperating mum at home. Fortunately for him, he had Mike and Isolomo consoling him with reassuring words. Not too long after, Omashola broke down briefly while talking to Khafi. Tried as he did to stop it, the tears still flowed.

Click box below to Watch Frodd Breakdown in Tears;

Are the tears a strategy or a show of emotions? Time will tell.

Display of Emotion

BBnaija Frodd and Thelma Hug and kiss - Mimi's Blog 

It was heartbreaking to watch Frodd break down in tears, but that attracted an intimate hug and kiss from Isilomo. We still don't know what the two are up to. 

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  2. Biggie we need actions we are bored , no quarreling yet ,no nagging , no good romance , night digging deep and some good night scenes .