Lesbians in BBNaija 2019 house? Two Female Housesmates Spotted Kissing (Video)

Even though in Nigeria we have a law that criminalizes homosexual clubs, associations, acts and organizations, with penalties of up to 14 years in jail, two BBnaija 2019 housemates seemed to have crossed the line. 

No doubt homosexualism and lesbianism are outlawed, however, two female housemates from the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality show, Diane and Mercy have thrown caution to the wind as they were caught kissing on camera. 
The incident occurred in the laundry room.

On Saturday night after the Big Brother party, housemates Diane and Mercy shared an embrace. However, they did not stop there, they locked lips afterwards, probably unaware of the silent eye of the camera hovering above.

Further, Diane’s hands were seen roaming around Mercy’s delectable rear.

At first it seemed like they were whispering to each other till we heard the sound of lips smacking. 

Click box below to watch video;

Could it be a game? 
Did we see and hear wrong? 
Is there something Big Brother isn't telling us because we know it is the Pepper Dem season and a lot is expected to happen.

Social media users are beginning to question the sexuality of Diane and Mercy.;

"Are they really lesbians or it as just a friendly gesture"? 

If the former is the case; "when did they discover each other"?
How would this impact on their rating in the eyes of the viewers?

What is your thought on this? Drop your opinion in the comment section below. 

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