"Bishop Sam Zuga's Free Medical Treatment Cured Me Of My 10years Spinal Cord Injury" - Retired Army Officer Shares Testimony

As so many Nigerians continue to benefit from Bishop Sam Zuga's free medical treatment, alot have come out to testify.

Among many testimonies from the massive beneficiaries of the Sam Zuga free medical treatment, a retired Army officer, name withheld, has received healings after suffering from 10years of spinal cord injury.  

The Retired Army officer testified to this massive healing during one of the free Medical treatment in Adamawa state.

Bishop Sam Zuga who was recently in Adamawa to organize the Sam zuga free medical treatment and to minister the word of God to the people of Adamawa received massive testimonies from the beneficiaries of the Sam Zuga free medical treatment during his ministration.

Responding to the testimony of the retired Army officer, Bishop Sam Zuga said:

"What injection cannot do, anointing can do. What chemistry cannot handle, God-mystery can handle. What physical eyes cannot locate, spiritual eyes can locate.

I return all the glory to God Almighty"

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