Nigerian Man Blocks Everyone On His WhatsApp Except His Crush, Posts Ex Gf Pix Calling Her A Sister Who Died Just To Sleep With Crush

A young Nigerian man is currently trending on social media after he cunningly blocked everyone from seeing his whatsapp status with the exception of a female contact on his list whom he has a crush on in a bid to deceive her.

The aspiring engineer later went further to upload a photo of his ex girlfriend whom he referred to as a sister he just lost, all these just to win the affection of his crush in order to get into her pants.

Unfortunately for him, his evil deed was brought into light after a female friend of his crush who is also a friend to his ex girlfriend, came into the picture.

The Lady revealed to his crush that the lady he claims to be his dead sister is in fact his ex who is still very much alive.

A twitter user, @ms_onoja, spoke out saying;

@Mr_Akinbola You amaze me. So lemme give y’all a briefing about this bro. He’s my friend’s ex and was my friend.

This bro blocked everyone on his whatsapp status except one girl and posted his ex’s picture claiming she’s his sister that died this December 19 just to get sympathy sex from a babe (the only person he didn’t block).

But as God would have it the babe is friend’s with someone that’s friend’s with my friend.
"Fear all these people forming social media motivational speakers oh."

The ex-girlfriend has spoken up saying;

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