Late Uwa's Pastor Accused Of Impregnating And Killing Her Rejoices As Autopsy Reveals She Was A Virgin

In what has been a trying time for the enstranged RCCG Pastor who was accused of orchestrating late Uwa's murder, it seems God has finally proved his mockers and accusers wrong.

Recall some days ago, the estranged RCCG Pastor was accused of impregnating late Vera Uwa and organizing her rape and murder to cover up his track. 

Fortunately for the pastor, an official report from Edo state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Prof Yinka Omorogbe, has cleared the air on the case and wrong accusation on the Pastor.

Prof. Yinka said that the murdered 22-year old student, Uwa Omozuwa was a virgin before she was raped and murdered.

Prof. Yinka Omorogbe

According to her, it seems all the stories flying around are all rumours and plots to shake the church.

Recall that Uwa’s father had earlier on said the same about his late daughter being a virgin. But enemies of the church were bent on bringing the church down.

The Attorney General, Prof. Yinka reacted to all sorts of reports on social media about the case as “shocking”, including the one about a suspect arrested who claimed that the Pastor sent him to rape and murder Uwa after paying him #1.5million.

Prof. Yinka cleared the air on these fake reports during a protest organised by members of Edo Women Development Initiative to the Nigerian Union of Journalists, Edo state.

In her words;

“We saw a terrible lie going round on social media, which was not our regular press, claiming that Uwa was impregnated by her pastor. That lie has been refuted, the story caused serious anguish to the family members. It’s a very terrible story”

Late Uwa

She ended by saying “Although we cannot talk at this point, but from the autopsy that was done on Uwa, it was clearly discovered and established that not only was she never pregnant, she was infact, a virgin. How boyfriend and pregnancy came into the story, only God knows”

For some of us who said the Pastor ran away because he was guilty, I made my investigation and found out that when people started spreading rumors about his involvement, he was attacked by some hoodlums. He had to leave the environment to save his life. Also, no body has invited him for questioning, so why coming out to say he’s innocent? Clear conscience they say fears no allegation.

Lastly, if he actually planned to kill Uwa to cover up anything he did, would the church where he Pastors be the best venue?

In all, as investigations are still going on, I believe the perpetrators of Uwa’s rape and murder will soon be apprehended. It may not be immediately, but it’ll be certainly.

Nothing is hidden under the sun.

For now, the Pastor did not impregnate Uwa. He has been vindicated on that.
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