Gulder Ultimate Search 12: The Contestants Begin Their Hunt, Explore The Jungle For Akolo’s Buried Secret (Video)

The 18 contestants of the ongoing Ultimate search season 12 tagged 'Age of the Craftmanship' have been tasked with searching for Akolo’s buried secret.

The secret was buried by a mysterious craftsman named Akolo who once lived in a small town called Ijuka, which existed many centuries ago.

The 18 contestants are expected to explore the jungle for this treasure hunt, they are to conquer challenges for the lost secret kept in an iron chest of the late wise craftsman.

As viewers ponder on the importance of Akolo’s secret and what it entails, organizers of GUS take viewers through time to the story of Akolo and how it all began, taking them back to a small town called Ijuka which existed many centuries ago, where Akolo suddenly appeared one day and settled.

According to the story, a mysterious craftsman named Akolo appeared in the town one day and settled down amongst the blacksmiths and woodcarvers.

He soon began to teach the best among the people because his skills were superior to theirs. His name spread beyond the town, but what drew the attention of many was his special brew.

Akolo’s brew was nothing like any that existed in the town. He used ingredients which no one had ever seen before that he got from trading his great works with European merchants.

The king soon heard of his fame and appointed Akolo to be a member of his advisory council.
Although Akolo formed a close bond with the king, he never revealed the recipe of his brew.

That was a secret Akolo guarded jealously. As the fame of his brew grew, trading routes began to pass through Ijuka, and many sought to taste his brew. Ijuka became a prosperous town, and soon enemies began to gather.

They were jealous of Akolo’s wisdom and his close bond with the king and wanted the secret of his brew for themselves. They tried several times to kill him but to no avail.

Fearing for his life, Akolo left the town for the mangrove forest with his secret brew recipe and all his knowledge, never to be seen again. Ijuka, a once prosperous town, suffered Akolo’s absence and was soon laid to waste by foreign invaders.

Now, the council of elders has chosen 18 brave warriors to go back in time to The Age of Craftsmanship to search for the iron chest containing Akolo’s secrets.

The 18 brave contestants now have to overcome challenges, to prove they are worthy of retrieving the iron chest of the wise craftsman Akolo which officially begins this season.

Who will the lucky warrior brave enough to discover the chest and reveal the secret of the wise craftsman Akolo be?

Meanwhile the contestants already had their first gbas gbos on Saturday night.

Watch below;

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