Lady rains curses on boyfriend after finding out he blocked her to celebrate another woman on Val's day (Video)

A young lady has been left heartbroken after she discovered that her lover blocked her on Whatsapp to post another woman on Valentine’s Day.

Today, the 14th of February which is the Valentine's day, lovers from all over the world celebrate their partners on their social media pages, WhatsApp status, to remind them of their love.

Sadly that wasn't the case for the young lady who discovered that she wasn't the main woman in her man's life as he blocked her to conceal his deceit.

The young lady eventually found out from her friend who spotted another woman on her man’s page and sent her the proof.

In reaction to the development, the heartbroken lady put a call through to the man as she lambasted him with loads of curses despite the apology from the lover boy who claims to still love her.

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