Trending video of a young mom getting a wig installed on her toddler for an event. Okay or Nay?

Social media has been set abuzz after a video surfaced online which showed a toddler getting a wig installed on her hair. 

In the video, the toddler who appears at most a year old, was seen getting a lace frontal wig installed on her hair with laid edges.

The 20 seconds clip captures the process of getting the hair done which showed the little girl crying and sleeping at different intervals, down to the final result.

The video which has since gone viral has attracted mixed reactions from social media users.

While some are of the opinion that there was nothing wrong in getting one's child glammed u for special days like birthdays and other festive periods, others condemned the act, stating that she was too young to be getting wigs installed on her head.

What do you think, okay or not okay?

Watch video;

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