Wife Of 9 Years In Tears After Her Hidden Camera Caught Husband Cheating With Male Best friend

A wife has been left devastated after the spy camera she placed caught her husband of several years in bed with his male best friend.

According to the wife's younger sister who narrated the unfortunate incident, the couple have been married for 9 years with 4 kids.

The sister revealed that the wife had her suspicions about her husband whom she stated spent so much time laughing and chatting with the male best friend.

However, when the wife told her about it, she dismissed her fears, telling her it was perfectly normal between guys.

The wife still insisted that she feels her husband is seeing other women and brings them into the house which made her younger sister suggest a 'spy camera', to erase all doubts.

The wife went ahead to place a spy camera in a hidden spot which unfortunately caught the man with his best friend in bed.

The younger sister further revealed that she is worried about what her elder sister might do as she has already shared her account details with her, stating that the kids will be more safe with her.

"She’s not talking or eating not even bathing, I asked if she would like to report the husband to the police but she just laughed and said “no, I Know what to do.”
How do I help her with coping and healing cause she seems to have a plan of doing something unspeakable??” - the younger sister wrote.

Read full narration below;

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