"My Husband Pressures Me To Shit Inside His Mouth, He Sniffs My Armpit" - Woman Cries Out For Advise Over Husband's Weird Addiction

An embattled lady has taken to social media to cry out over her husband's weird choice of f0replay.

According to the troubled wife, her husband has been pestering her to shit inside his mouth and whenever she refuses, he becomes moody all day.

He will beg her to shit inside his mouth while he lays on the bed with his mouth wide open.

He claimed he won't eat it or swallow but will throw into inside the toilet after she is done.

She further narrated how he was always sniffing her unshaven armpit throughout their courtship.

According to her, he begged her to stop shaving her armpits as he enjoyed inhaling her natural smell.

She further disclosed that he prevents her from flushing whenever she is done defecating and if she refuses, he gets upset.

Part of her narration reads;

"My husband has been asking me to shit in his mouth, I don't just know why because I don't understand.

He said he will not eat or swallow it, that he will throw it in the toilet but he'll enjoy lying down and open his mouth wide while I shit inside.

Read full narration below;

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