#BBTitans Ebubu Returns The Favour, Saves And Replaces Blaqleng With Juvone As Yemi, Khosi, Blue And 11 Others Are Up For Eviction (Video)

Big Brother Naija level up paired housemates, Khosicle, JenniLi, Yelisa, Juiovla, Kaniva, Thabana and Blaqleng were nominated for possible eviction this week. 

The selected housemates were nominated after the head of house games on Monday evening, 6th February which saw Ebubu and Tsatsii emerge the heads of house for the week.

All pairs with the exception of Maya and Juvone were up for possible eviction after the nomination process. 

However, activating the Veto power, The Royals were asked to save one of the nominated paired housemates by replacing a pair with a non nominated one 

Fortunately for Blaqleng, Royals decided that moment to return the favour to them for saving them previously.

They saved Blaq boi and Peleng aka Blaqleng and replaced with Justin and Yvonne aka Juvone.

The final Nominated housemates for eviction this coming Sunday are, Khosicle, JenniLi, Yelisa, Juiovla, Kaniva, Thabana and Juvone.

Meanwhile see full List of nominations for possible eviction;

1. Yelisa nominated Juiovla and JenniLi

2. Juvone nominated Kaniva and Khosicle

3. Thabana nominated Yelisa and Maya.

4. Kaniva nominated Khosicle and Thabana.

5. Blaqleng nominated Khosicle and Juvone.

6. Khosicle nominated JenniLi and Blaqleng.

7. JenniLi nominated Khosicle and Yelisa.

8. Juiovla nominated Kaniva and Blaqleng.

9. Maya nominated JenniLi and Thabana.

10. Royals nominated Juiovla and Yelisa.

Watch video:

Meanwhile, incase you missed it, check out names of housemates as they are paired HERE.

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