Newly married woman shares unique strategy she used to deal with her mother in-law who was in the habit of bringing food to her husband every weekend

It is no news that as far back as anyone could remember, there's been a rivalry between mothers and their daughters in-law over the man.

While some mothers find it hard to let go of their sons, constantly meddling in his affairs, some wives find it intruding for their mothers in-law to still control their son's life even after marriage.

In some cases, mothers move into their married son's home and continue to cook his meal or from a long distance dictate to him actions he should take in his marriage.

This although very sickening, has been one of the major reason alot of women wish their mother in laws are not in the picture permanently.

Over the years, the dispute between the two has gotten really bad to the extent, alot of wives are now taking to social media to cry out.

Well, it seems a partial solution has finally been found in favour of the wives as a newly married woman shares unique means she devised to ‘deal’ with her mother in-law.

In the post shared by an X user, Funmilayo, the newly married woman shared that her mother in law was always in the habit of bringing food to her husband every weekend.

It went on for some time till she decided to stop cooking during weekend and start joining her husband to enjoy the meal.

Her mother in-law who was clearly not pleased with the new development, decided to stop.

The post reads;

 "A woman in church shared her experience.
She said when she just got married, her MIL will always wake up early every weekend to cook and bring for her husband.

So when she noticed, she stopped cooking during weekends and will eat the food her MIL brings in her presence. 

She will even call her to remind her of the delicious delicacies she should bring the following weekend. The mama stopped by herself."

See below;

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