Getting In Touch With Your Soul

In Life, we go through so many Ups and Downs, so many difficulties and challenges. Now this column was created to try reach out to people out there.
To reach out to people on the verge of breaking down, giving up or even going as far as wanting to commit suicide.
But first we'll teach you how to get in touch with your very soul.

Beneath the surface of your skin lies the real you. What others see, and what you project, is only a personification of the soul that is ‘you’. Sometimes it is hard to know your soul is there, because life creates struggles that don’t allow most of us to stop and think about connecting with our soul.

However, there are ways to learn to listen effectively to your soul. Doing so will teach you what it is you fear, what you desire, what your special gifts are, and will show you what pains you and why it keeps holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest. 
Your soul knows these answers, and will show you what you need to know. But first, you have to want to get in touch with your soul, and find a way to get there.

Four Ways To Find Your Soul

1. Learn How To Listen:

People who are always moving and doing something, or constantly talking, often fail to appreciate the life they are living. 
Learning how to be quiet, and still, is the best way to get in touch with your soul. 
Listen to what people are saying to you; pay attention to the activities you do throughout the day; watch what you eat so you can see which foods feed your cravings. 
After you have observed for a while, you should be able to figure out whether or not you like what you are seeing and hearing.

2. Meditate Daily:

Meditating does not have to be a complicated thing. Simply grab a timer, your favorite lap blanket and sit upright in a comfortable chair. 
Set your timer for 5 minutes (to start, you can go longer once you are comfortable with meditating.) Close your eyes and let your mind relax. 
Your mind will want to wander at first, and this is quite normal. Hang in there, let those thoughts run their course. 
Concentrate on your breathing, focusing on the sound of each breath exhaled. 
Stop when the timer goes off. Do it all again tomorrow. Think of it this way: when you pray you are speaking to the universe – when you meditate, you are listening.

3. Embrace Your Emotions:

Emotions are gifts you are given to help you reach the true purpose of your soul. 
Each emotion enriches your life in one way or another – even the bad ones. 
It is important to allow yourself to experience each emotion as it comes. These feelings will make you aware that there are mental or physical blocks in your life; they will show you when you need to stop and heal; and they make you stop and think about what you can do differently in the future if you are faced with the same dilemma. 
Strive for that happiness – for a soul filled with happiness makes your whole body feel near to bursting with pleasure. 
When you experience this high, coupled with tears of joy, you should feel thrilled: for this is your soul telling you that life is great, and you should keep doing what you are doing.

4. Eat Right:

By now everyone has heard the phrase “You are what you eat.” 
It sounds so corny, but it is so true. 
Think about it, every morsel that enters your mouth becomes a part of your physical body. 
Your body either utilizes the good nutrients you feed it, or it tries to metabolize chemicals that should not be in a human body. 
If you eat junk food, you are going to feel tired and lazy, and you will have no energy to do justice to any task. 
When you eat quality foods, you feed the body the nutrients it needs to function, you can literally watch your mood improve at the same time you realize you now have energy to get up and do something. 
You really are what you eat!

I hope  someone out there felt inspired by this post........ *wink*

                                                   Source: Collective-Evolution

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