Igbos Residing Around Okota Fear For Their Lives As OPC Allegedly Threatens Reprisal Attack On Them After Yesterday's Incident (Screenshots, Video)

Yesterday's election was really tough and as much as I hate to admit, it was bloody as well. 

It wasn't a free and fair election at all. So many lives were lost including those of Corps members serving their fathers land. 

It is really sad. 

Recall yesterday we posted a story of how sponsored thugs disrupted the election at Baba Ewe Street, Ago Palace Way Okota Oshodi-Isolo LGA Lagos, they snatched the ballot boxes and burnt the ballot papers.

The area was believed to have been targeted because it was a PDP voting zone where lots of Igbos or people who are not Yoruba resided. 

Although the thugs succeeded in  disrupting the electoral process and burning the ballot papers but not all succeeded in making it out of the area as angry voters caught the leader of the gang and almost set him ablaze after nearly beating him to death if not for the quick intervention of some men and security personnel. 

Watch video;

From the voice heard in the background, it seems the wounded man is a well known notorious thug who goes by the name 'Demola'. 

Luckily for Demola, he is currently receiving treatment at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. 

However according to social media users' report, OPC and some Yoruba thugs, are allegedly threatening reprisal attacks on all Igbos residing in Ago Palace Way Okota Oshodi-Isolo LGA, Lagos and its environs for the punishment meted out on Demola. 

And ever since the news got out, alot of Igbos have been panicking, warning all friends and families residing around that area to be careful. 

Although we are yet to establish the authenticity of the Information but a whatsapp user just shared his sister's experience with Mimi's Blog about how she was accosted by an unidentified person, asking if she was Igbo.

The poor girl managed to escape by acting confused. 

See what he shared;

Right now even though we are yet to get a statement from OPC authenticating the information, it is however safe to say, all Igbos residing around those areas should stay at alert and be careful. 

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