Incase You Missed It! BBnaija 2019 Day '3' Recap (Videos /Photos )

So far, we hope you've been enjoying the show. 

For those of you who are yet to catch up on the activities of the previous day, make a quick stop HERE

Day 3;

We've compiled a list of the series of events that went down for some of y'all who missed it due to one reason or the other. 

 Here we go! 

Lean on me

Ella and Isilomo were in the HoH room when she started talking about her musical journey. She also touched on personal stuff like how her father didn’t support her and wanted her to get married young. Going down memory lane with her, she let us know that her mother was her rock and support system. FYI, her mum supports her participating in the Big Brother Naija.

It became emotional as she started talking about her mom and before we knew it, tears started flowing. Ella found a shoulder to cry on in Isilomo. During this conversation, Isilomo was the agony aunt that comforted Ella when she cried about how much she missed her mother these past few days. Is Ella looking for where to set up her pity party? Did Isilomo really listen to Ella?

Click box below to watch the moment Ella broke down in tears;

When there is a way

As Ella was having her heart to heart talk, Isilomo saw an opportunity and quickly plugged herself in. In what Isilomo might have considered a vulnerable moment for Ella, she told Ella, “We need each other to get to the finish line so I would like you not to Nominate me sometime”. Ella response to that was “we can’t form alliances”. Turned out that Ella could actually think past the tears oh. Has Isilomo hit a brick wall in her plans with Ella?


Threading needles and singing song - Mimi's Blog 

Big Brother is not letting up on his spicy Tasks.

Biggie tested Housemates creativity today when he gave them a Task that involved threading needles and composing songs.

What was involved

The Housemates were grouped into two. The ladies on one hand and the gentlemen on the other. The men were given fifteen minutes to jointly compose a song and perform the song while the ladies carried out their Task. The Task for them was to thread all the needles on one length of thread. As they do this, the men sang for them with the intention to either ‘ginger’ them or to distract them.

The Composers

Who would have thought we had some great composers in the House? Omashola with his cracked voice was not deterred as he composed the tune to which they added the lyrics. The song that emerged from this exercise was an acapella. Hope you enjoyed the song?

Threading the needles

Eleven plates containing needles were placed on the dining table for the ladies. As soon as the ladies heard the Task, some of them with long nails started filing their artificial nails. Does this mean that there is no slay queen when it comes to Task?

The Lucky Ones

When the task was completed, the ladies formed a single line based on the result of the Task. The winner was Tacha followed by Khafi standing in next position down to the last person to finish threading their needles. Later on, they were instructed by Biggie to go to the Garden to select a cup and reveal its contents. Tacha though the winner of the Task didn’t get any Coins and we could see the disappointment on her face. Jackye, Thelma, Avala, Mercy and Esther all found Bet9ja Coins and were congratulated by Biggie. For those who didn’t get any Coins, who knows they might be lucky next time.

The game of chance continues with the Pepper Dem Housemates. Coin or no Coin, how will this affect the ladies demeanour for the rest of the day?

Accent and Class

Here’s what the Pepper Dem gang have revealed about themselves so far.

Unlike the previous seasons where very few Housemates spoke in a foreign accent, the Pepper Dem House echoes with foreign tongues. Mike, Ike, Frodd, Khafi, Ella, even Omashola have been dazzling us with their “You know warra mean” kind of English since Day One. Wondering how this is creating a class in the House? Let’s dive right in.

I Go Speak My Mind

Here’s one of the sects in the House and our vibrant Ella is the Chair. Talk about spitting fire? This is the gang. They drop it like it’s hot. Jackye has been dropping much about her relationship lately, and Ella is so bold that if you carry fire for head, she go drop am. Bet, hooking up with this gang as the drama unfolds will be worth the while.

Mike a Phone

King of “foneh” in the House, Mike is like a mobile phone. You want it wherever you go and you’re always aware it’s with you. With Mike’s energy and charisma in the House so far, you bet some of the hot ladies are already weighing their options. This handsome man has got the swag and is aware of it. But, hey, will they be able to withstand Mike’s American “foneh”? In short, won’t any of these outgoing ladies be bored with his intellectual discussions?

Talk Is Cheap

Is talk really cheap? Well, let Seyi tell us what he was doing with a bottle of bear when he had already told us at the Launch on Sunday about his teetotaler status. Perhaps that status has changed. Jackye nko? We were jacked into the reality of her virginity yarn when she later told us that she was not a virgin. Like seriously? From “I’m a virgin” to…you know how it is na😉. Anyway, let’s wait to see how many more words in the House will still be taken back.

Let’s Fit In

If you were a Pepper Dem Housemate, you wouldn’t like to be left behind in anyway, would you? So if everybody around you was speaking foneh, wouldn’t it be out of place if you stuck to your Igbo or Yoruba influenced English? Got the gist? Good. With this, it’s interesting to see how each of the Housemate, from those in search of a soulmate to those in need of a gist partner, struggles. In short, the race for true friendship and relationship has never been this calculated.

What’s Next?

As the struggle to prove their worth, stick to the truth, and make a difference heightens in the House, will the Pepper Dem gang be able to sustain the tempo? Fingers crossed.

The Singing Needles

What happens when harmonies are required to thread the needle? Thread carefully, perhaps?

Big Brother did not leave the Pepper Dem ladies out of the threading challenge for today. Of course, the reward of Bet9ja coins was at stake.

Unlike yesterday, today’s Task required a level of teamwork from both the guys and ladies. The gentlemen had to jointly compose and perform one song for the ladies as they performed and completed the threading Task.

In less than 30 minutes, the Pepper Dem men showed off their threading skills with Sir Dee emerging the winner of the fastest fingers Task. Did this count for anything?

Not long after the threading Task, the men had to play a game of luck for the prize of Bet9ja coins. Interestingly, Sir Dee showed us why he deserved to be given today’s Task championship title – as luck shone on him again.

The Task ended with smiles for Sir Dee, Ike, Tuoyo, Frodd and Seyi as they celebrated their wins.

Dance, Tears and Confessions

What do you call a day that got the Housemates dancing, crying and making confessions all at once? Awesome!

The Time the Gbedu Entered Their Bodies

Biggie heard the cry of the Pepper Dem Housemates and gave them some hit songs to lighten up their mood.

From Patoranking’s ‘So Different’ to Wizkid and Larry Gaga’s ‘Low’, the Housemates did not fail to ‘gbe body’ in Big Brother’s House.

Thelma came through with the twerks, while Isilomo gave us some zanku moves. Amidst the dance chaos, the likes of Jackye and Esther were found chilling on the bed. Saving their moves for Saturday Night Party, perhaps?

“I Hate It When I Don’t Get Along with Everyone

In her conversation with Isilomo earlier today, Khafi burst into tears as she narrated her ordeal with KimOprah. As Isilomo gave her a shoulder to cry on, Khafi declared her discomfort with not getting along with people; especially if she’s going to be stuck in the same House with them.

The Secret Revelations

We caught Frodd, Jeff, Ike and Seyi sharing their thoughts about the female members of the Pepper Dem gang.

“Ella is giving me the green light”, said Ike. This was countered by HoH, Jeff, who mentioned that Ella has always made her feelings about Mike, known to anyone who cared to listen.

Could it be that Ike is getting the wrong signals?

In this midnight revelation, Ike also declared his interest in Mercy; of which he referred to her as “a big fish”. However, Mercy subtly put his interest aside by telling him she only enjoyed teasing him. This pushed him to find love in the arms of Tacha – who he confessed to having feelings for.

What could Ike be up to? Does his strategy involve the ladies in the House? We’ll find out.

Fitting into Biggie’s Shoes

In Biggie’s words, “can there really be a better one-on-one confessionary than the Diary Room experience?”

This night opened up a lot of revelations from the Housemates as they performed Biggie’s Diary Task.

Tonight, Biggie gave the Housemates a Diary Task – where they had to stay true to the week’s theme of bonding and getting to know one another. For this purpose, the Head of House room was used as the Diary Room and each Housemate had to select a fellow Housemate to play the role of Big Brother.

Given 15 minutes for each session, Avala confided in Mike about her difficulty in getting along with her fellow Housemates.

Ike also confessed to his fake Biggie – Tacha, that he is anticipating more heat in the House within the next week. In addition, he said that he finds the ladies in the House very attractive. Could this be in relation to his midnight confessions?

Sir Dee spoke to Diane about how he feels threatened by Jeff, Seyi and Mike – of which Diane played the role of Big Brother perfectly by advising him to keep playing the game by staying true to himself and enjoy the ride.

After going for about 2 hours (and still counting) in the Diary Task, Frodd, Mike and Sir Dee seemed to be taking the lead in the Diary Task.

Who do you think will fit perfectly into Biggie’s shoes? We’ll wait to find out.

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