Mentally Disabled Man Spotted Preaching About Repentance And Salvation (Video)

A mentally disabled Nigerian man was recently spotted preaching to onlookers about repentance.

He spoke for long, educating his audience about the realness of Hell and Heaven.

In his words;

'You see this life you see, there is life, there is death, there is Hell, There Is Heaven"

He went on to stress the fact that alot of people have condemned themselves to hell and are out to drag good people along with them.

He also preached about the importance of money but not more important than the kingdom of God

 In his words;

"Money, we need money but seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, whatever you need from the Most High, he will add it unto you".

For an insane man, he spoke intelligently well, catching the full attention of everyone present.

Click box below to watch video;

This is a clear indication that God can speak through anyone.

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