Covid 19 Lockdown: Drama As Wife Finds Out Her Husband Camped His Pregnant Side Chic In Their Guest Room (Details)

A wife received the shock of her life after discovering that her husband camped his side chic in their guest room.

Still trying to get over the shock of finding them naked together, she discovers also that the side chic is pregnant for her husband.

According to the Facebook user, Obinna Eze, who shared the story, the woman noticed that her husband spent more time alone in their basement all in the name of working and decided to pay him a visit.

Upon reaching there, she perceived the aroma of food and found her husband naked beside his side chic.

Going further into the room, she noticed that the lady came with a lot of clothes and toiletries and at that moment, she totally lost it.

The woman narrated the incident saying;

"I am at the point of committing murder because I have never been this angry.

In this locked down my husband brought his girlfriend into our home without my knowledge, the babe came prepared.

We have a two-bedroom flat in our basement is a kind of guest chalet that my husband always uses when he is doing research, writing books and reading for professional exams.

Sometimes when we have visitors that come in from outside the country they stay there, the place is like a guest house well furnished to taste with all the kitchen utensils.

So this babe and my husband planned to come and stay in the basement.

She bought foodstuffs, brought her clothes and she came in when no one could see her and checked into the guest chalet.

I  my husband spent so much time in the basement all in the name of writing his book that he needs quiet time away from the kids.

I didn't suspect anything, I finished cooking and I decided to take the food to surprised him there. As I gained access to the flat, I started perceiving the smell of food.

Behold I met my husband and his babe naked and asleep in the living room having eaten food cooked by her.

I went around the house and saw her clothes, shoes, toiletries in the bedroom. I screamed and they both rushed into the bedroom and met me. I bounced on him and started beating him.

They were both naked. I feel so hurt and betrayed. Bringing her into my home is a huge slap on my womanhood.

Now the problem is she can't leave as Abuja is locked down. How can I handle this?

Will she stay here for 14 days. I feel like killing the both of them now.

My husband said the babe is pregnant and insisted she can't stay alone during the lockdown so they both decided she come and stay in the guess chalet. Someone should tell me what to do before I kill the two of them."

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