COVID-19 Lockdown: The Moment Hungry Abuja Residents Attacked And Stole From Moving Truck Carrying Food Supplies In Broad Daylight (Video)

The extension of the lockdown order has really brought out the worse in some Nigerians as a result of hunger.

It left them desperate and helpless after a group of people were seen in Abuja stealing food supplies from a truck.

The video which is now making rounds on the Internet captured the moment some hungry Nigerians attacked a moving truck carrying bags of rice in Abuja before stealing its content.

According to informations gathered, the incident which took place at APO roundabout along cemetery road Abuja was as a result of the hardship caused by the lockdown.

Nigerians who could no longer bear the hardship decided to steal bags of Rice from a fullyloaded vehicle in broad daylight while it was still moving.

Sharing the video on its Twitter page, the People Democratic Party (PDP) knocked President Muhammadu Buhari for extending lockdown without providing considerable palliative measures for Nigerians.

It tweeted:

“In Abuja, watch and see how hungry Nigerians invaded a moving truck to steal food to eat. It’s obvious that the so called palliatives from the President Buhari-led APC FG did not reach the people,”.

Watch video below: 

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