COVID-19 Lockdown: Wife Cries Out Over Husband's Excess S3xual Demands, Refuses To 'Do' Again (Video)

We can't help but notice that the lockdown order issued by the Federal government to curb the spread of the infectious disease, Covid-19, is gradually taking its toll on marriages as we've witnessed in the past few days several dramas from these married couples. 

Recently a wife found out that her husband housed his sidechic in their basement due to the lockdown. 

Still recovering from the drama that ensued, another wife was captured hurling insults at her husband for farting uncontrollably through out the week and almost suffocating her with them.

Just recently a wife and husband were seen in the streets of Lagos fighting over bedroom duties.

According to the wife who kept lamenting in Yoruba language and demonstrating, she explained that her husband wants to kill her with excess demands for s3x and she can't go on anymore.

When asked if the man was her husband, she responded with; 'And so', is that why he wants to kill me?'

The man, obviously pissed off at her attitude, tried to force her back into the house but she refused adamantly asking passersby to come to her rescue.

Watch video below;

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  1. This guy must be a fool , how do you treat your wife like a slave? If you want her to have sex everyday there are ways to go about it you go tire sef.