COVID-19: Nigerians In Europe Cuss The President Out As They Happily Cash Out Over #300,000 Relief Fund From European Government (Video)

Two Nigerian guys based in Europe have taken to social media to call out the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari and his cabinet over bad governance.

They were prompted to cuss Buhari out after they received a huge sum of money equivalent to 300,000 Naira from the European government of the country they are residing in to help sustain them during the Coronavirus crisis.

They slammed Buhari and other governors for their inability to provide Nigerians with relief funds that would sustain them during the lockdown.

According to them, they received free money, over 300,000 in Nigerian currency from their government without working for it, yet the president of Nigeria can not offer money as little as 10,000 Naira to his citizens, causing them to cry of hunger.

They were heard in the video uttering words like; "Ogun go k1ll Nigerian government, una don craze", as they left the atm machine after withdrawing their relief money.

"Anything wey una gather in the morning for una life, una go use cry go sell all of them for night throway" one of them added bitterly.

They also angrily vowed to harm Buhari if he dares to enter Europe to force them to return to Nigeria.

They kept cussing Buhari and the entire Nigeria government out as they flaunted their cash.

Watch video below;

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