Cynthia Nduka was someone everyone would like to call a beauty queen. She was light skinned, tall and gorgeous. They all felt she had everything going on for her but no one saw the sadness in her heart, the tear stained pillow every night. 

Inspite of  her beauty, Cynthia struggled everyday to survive. She was from a very poor home and this made feeding and taking care of other expenses very hard to achieve. 

She gained admission into a higher institution but there was no means of paying for her tuition fees.

She approached people she felt could help but they tried to take advantage of her.
You see, her beauty made it hard for her to get help without having advances made at her.

“God why me”??? She would cry every night.

One fateful day, on her way back from the market, she met a man inside the bus. He noticed her sad demeanor and asked her what the problem was. 
She sadly narrated her lack of tuition fees troubles to him and then he surprised her by promising to help.

With surprise written all over her beautiful face, she asked him ”why will you want to help me sir”?
With a cheap smile on his calm face, he replied “Just see me as your guardian angel.”

She was so happy and thanked God for sending her a helper.

Before alighting from the bus, he gave her his house address and invited her to come over the next day with the list of things she needed for school.
He also told her he had a little sister like her and would love them to meet. Then he gave her some money for the transportation that would convey her to his place the next day.

The next day she woke up with smiles all over her face and hope in her heart, for the first time in months, she actually had a beautiful sleep.

She went about her morning chores happily and as soon as it clocked 10am, she quickly showered, wore a decent gown and stepped out to proceed to her guardian angel’s residence.

She got there and he welcomed her warmly and offered her a drink. She asked after his Sister and he told her she went to the market.

He engaged her in a conversation and before she knew it, she started feeling weak, he had injected into her drink a substance that would weaken her.

When she realized she couldn’t move, she became very scared and to her shock and horror, the supposedly guardian angel hurled her onto his shoulder and took her straight to the bedroom.

She tried to fight him but couldn’t move, she was helplessly in tears as he ravished her mercilessly, fed on her breast hungrily and took her pride away. 

He kept hammering her like a hungry beast released from a cage to feed on a prey, breathing heavily like an athlete who just won a race, he cared less about the fact that he just took her virginity away, all he wanted was satisfaction.

After he was done, he pushed her away like a toy being discarded by a little child that had no use for it anymore.

Bittered tears kept rolling down her cheeks as she struggled to cover her exposed body in shame.
“Why”? she whispered painfully.
“You are too beautiful to resist, and for this naija, nothing is free, use what you have to get what you want” he replied sarcastically.

How she got home that day, she could not tell, she was so heartbroken and ashamed of herself, who will she tell? Who would believe her story? Who would come to her aid?
“I CURSE the day I was born beautiful” she cried bitterly…

But Karma will definitely catch up with him!!!


Note To The Readers:
How many people are going through this every day? Who would reach out to them??
No Answer….. And the struggle continues…………………………………

Stay tuned till for another episode of ‘Struggles Of  Life with Mimi”.
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