SAY NO TO RAPE!!! - A Beautiful Piece By Kingsley Asoegwu


This beautiful piece was written by a facebook user, Kingsley Asoegwu. This is a fight against Rape, an awareness that should be spread.

Read the piece below:

You see this girl. She's not like any other girl you've seen.
She's poshy and doesn't give you face irrespective of the swag you flaunt before her. Your fine boy doesn't work on her. With your permed hair and well trimmed beards, she still doesn't give you face.

You beat your chest, you must get this  girl, no girl has every proved hard. They always clamour for your attention. But this girl is different, she doesn't give a damn about you. This is a first you think, she'll let her guard down. So you persist.

After sometime, after much persistence from your part you realise she will never be yours. She'll never succumb to your ploys and schemes. It dawns on you that she's of a rare breed. Regardless of heaven and earth you promised her she still doesn't care, "I can't be with you" she breaks your heart.

Irrespective of the posh dates she accepts to go with you for you just to let her be, she doesn't accept your proposal.
You still persist, she tells you not to worry "I wont accept them" she tells you. You still went ahead to buy the present. She flatly rejects it. You are irked.

You feel rejected, used and thrown out.
Your friends notice your demeanour and asks what the issue is. You tell them that a girl after you spent money on dumped you. She refused to toe that line with you.
Your friends in their usual animalistic reasoning tell you to get even. They tell you to remember who you are, no girl can "eat" your money just like that, they tell you she must pay.

You get all excited, you feel rejuvenated. She must pay for all this you say. They shake hands with you and laugh as they plot your next move.

You call her. She tells you to stop calling her. She doesn't want anything to do with you. You apologize for being too forward, for being an ass, " let's be friends, can I take you out". Her inner consciousness wants to make the better judgement, she keeps aside her guts and accepts to go out with you "6 o'clock she tells you". You smile, the fish has taken the bait.

Dinner didn't last long. You tell her you just want to be friends. She didn't order anything, she just took water. You offer her a ride home. She accepts. On the way, you divert from the road your supposed to take. She asks if all is fine, you reply in the affirmative. You just have to drop something off, you tell her. You drive to a dark street. She notice something odd. The street is deserted, dark and lonely. You stop the ignition and order her to come down. She's nervous, she thinks it's all a joke. Then she looks into your eye, she couldn't recognize you. Your eyes are bloodshot and your pupils dilate. Your face is white like death. Your teeth clenched.
She's now scared. She shouts no one answers. You just laugh.

She tries to run, she does actually. She ran a little distance away from you before bumping into someone. She thinks she have found a saviour. Unfortunately, the supposed saviour is all in the plot. She begs for mercy as the saviour drags her to face the inevitable.
She notice that the saviour works for you. She notices that you didn't chase her when she ran. It was a set up.
It occurs to her now, the call, the friendship you proposed, the dinner. They were all acts in your grand ploy.

She is now delivered to you to do as you see fit. You first tell her that you wanted to date her. That you liked her even though she didn't reciprocate. You wanted to start something serious with her but she ruined it. She begs, she cries, she accepts now, she'll be whatever you want her to be if you let her go. She even promised to marry you if you let her go. You tell her it's too late, she came to her senses too late.

You tell him to hold her tight as you have your way with her. "I'll take your dignity" you whisper to her. You do it repeatedly, not once not twice, repeatedly in that cold lonely night.
She still haven't gotten enough you think. You order your zombie to continue where you stopped.

You watch as she lays there unresponsive. You watch as your zombie continued where you stopped.
She's unconscious you notice. You tell him to stop. You check her pulse, no pulse. She stopped breathing. You panic, you enter your car and drive away, as fast as you can.
You just lay her there on the cold coal tar, nak3d and defiled. 

In the morning, you watch the news as police finds a dead nak3d girl on the road. The police says she was raped to death. Might be the handiwork of ritualist they say. You feel uneasy. Your greed has made you murdered in cold blood. You can't forgive yourself.
The law doesn't catch up with you.
She's dead and gone. Dead men don't count, in your case it's a dead girl.

In a far away place. Karma is cooking your dish. It's still hot. Karma sit and waits for your dish to get cold.

"Rape is a menace that should be eradicated. It leaves any victim that manages to survive, traumatised. It is dangerous and the perpetrators should be heavily punished".
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  5. The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought you have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.