To all those Ladies who feel they must go the extreme just to make a guy admire them, want them, view them as wife material enough to probably pop the golden question, a male Facebook user Ikwumelezeh Testimony has this to say to you all...

Ladies, There Is Nothing Like Wife Material, Be Yourself!

"Let me tell you the frank truth, there is nothing like wife material, Nne be yourself, maintain who you're, don't fake it.

If you pretend and wear a girdle to tighten up your tommy to attract a man out there, won't you remove your cloth when both of you want to do ibomki?

Let me quickly remind you incase you don't know, there are men who love women that spits saliva when they speak.
So stop killing yourself to please men out there.

A woman is like a crude oil (Raw-Material) the job of a man is to process her, pass her through a process to bring out the best in her like we have when crude is processed" you start to have Petroleum gas, Kerosene, Gasoline, Deisel gas, Motor oil and so on!!

And funny enough the product its self which is crude(women) is not costly but the buy product which I mentioned above is in a higher cost.

Stop reading those nonsense fools do send on social media '14 things a woman must do to please a man', is he God?
For Christ sake who is he!!

Stop living under slavery women maintain who you're, I repeat maintain who you're!!

She is not my type is a lazy man's apology...
I don finish!! Kam gbawa door"!!

So to all my fellow Ladies out there, don't lose yourself because you are either trying to get a man or keep a man.
Always endeavour to be yourself, in being yourself, make sure it is the better version of yourself and the right man willl definitely find you. 
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